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Our Brand Ambassadors' program is an amazing marketing collaboration designed to provide everyone on instagram an opportunity to promote our brand and earn a 15% discount Code for all products and also get our latest product for FREE to review and Share. Our Brand Ambassadors will serve as trusted experts by providing their followers with personalized, detailed information about de Jaune™ products. Through product promotions and demonstrations, you will inspire and recommend our products, building brand awareness and superior online customer experience. Help us to promote de Jaune™ and become a part of our team today. Take your own and/or use our photos, make videos, create collages and write reviews. Exclusive and compelling offers for your readers and followers only.
Girl in a jacket

In order to become a Brand Ambassador and earn a 15% OFF discount Code for all products, "The discount code will be you name or what ever you choose to share with your followers and friends. NO PURCHASE needed to become The Brand Ambassador.
  • Sign-up to become our Brand Ambassador
  • Get your Free Products Delivered To Your Address
  • Make Videos or Photos with the Products
  • Share with your Friends & Follower
What do you get.
  • By joining the de Jaune™ Affiliate Network, you will be able to promote De Jaune™ product line, exclusive offers and earn up to 15% discount code on sales.
  • You will receive 15% off our online store for being an ambassador for personal purchases so your content is always fresh.
  • We will also feature clear images of you demonstrating De Jaune™' products on one of the following: Business website, social media accts., YouTube, beauty blog etc.
  • You will always be able to purchase our products at discounted prices.
  • Your own Coupon Code (unlimited use for your fans/followers/subscribers)

Girl in a jacket